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Inditex Group enters Galleria Minsk with the Stradivarius brand

Stradivarius brand, part of Inditex Group, will open a store in Galleria Minsk, reports

Stradivarius, a youth clothing, footwear and accessories brand that is part of the world's largest fashion retailer Inditex Group, will open its store in the Galleria Minsk shopping and entertainment center by the end of spring.

This event was the result of a joint work of the managing company Praktika Development of the Mall Galleria Minsk and Inditex Group specialists. The parties have already signed the agreement.

After a joint analysis by Inditex Group and Galleria Minsk specialists, it was decided that the Stradivarius brand is the most suitable solution for the target audience of the shopping center. Over the past year, the target audience of visitors has grown significantly both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Today, 80% of visitors are women and men aged 25-35 years.