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June 10: review of the situation with coronavirus in Belarus

June 10 pleased with the highest number of people who recovered after the coronavirus, reports What is the disease statistics in Belarus now?

Today, the number of coronavirus infections in Belarus has reached 51,066. According to the Ministry of Health, the daily increase was 801 cases and 6 patients died during the last day. However, there is good news too! The number of people cured of COVID-19 reached 1,161 people per day. This is the highest number since the pandemic began. In total, over the entire period, 25,667 patients recovered and 288 died.

Nowadays, the situation with coronavirus is improving in Belarus. The level of diseases has decreased in Minsk and Vitebsk regions. Belarus has an indicator of 5.2% of patients with coronavirus among all tested. It is believed that countries that are successfully coping with the epidemic should have a rate of no more than 3%.

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