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Limits on the sale of masks

On the website of the Ministry of Health the limits on the sale of personal protective equipment and disinfectants to one person have been announced, reports

The restrictions on the sale were introduced according to protective masks, gloves, certain medicines, as well as hand sanitizers. The reason of such limits is a great rise in the demand for personal protective equipment in pharmacies in Belarus.

The limits on the sale of personal protective equipment for 1 person:

Antiseptics - no more than 2 packages;

Masks - no more than 10 pieces;

Gloves - not more than 10 pieces;

Disinfectant gels - no more than 2 packages up to 100 ml.

A more detailed list can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Now the government is taking all possible measures to solve the problem of the shortage of personal protective equipment. Previously, the products mentioned above get the category of socially significant goods for which the prices are set in accordance with the state standards.

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