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Литва флаг

Lithuania compiled a sanctions list of Belarusians

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania has presented a list of 118 Belarusians against whom the sanctions will be applied, reports. This list also includes Alexander Lukashenko.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania proposes to prohibit entry into the country to people who are included in the sanctions list, as well as to freeze their assets in Lithuanian banks.

Initially, the list included 32 representatives of belarusian authorities. However, in the second edition, the list included more than 100 people who, according to the Lithuanian authorities, were involved in the falsification of the results of the presidential elections or in the cruel and inhuman treatment of participants in peaceful protests. In particular, Alexander Lukashenko was included in the sanctions list of Lithuania.

At the moment, the sanctions against Belarusians have not been introduced yet.

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