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Lukashenko: coronavirus pandemic is a psychosis

The President of Belarus called the situation in the country and the world a coronavirus psychosis, reports

Alexander Lukashenko called a meeting on the epidemiological situation in the country, to assess the situation and listen to all opinions. In addition to the Minister of health and the head of administration, virologists and immunologists were also invited to the meeting.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the coronavirus is nothing but psychosis, and he is not ready to give up this judgment. He is absolutely convinced that this will benefit someone, and people may suffer more from panic than from the virus itself.

The head of state pointed out that Belarus will not simplify approaches to the battle against coronavirus. He also preached down school quarantines and the staggering of holidays. However, he paid attention to the fact that if parents are afraid, let them not go to school. In his opinion, if schools declare holidays, it will only aggravate the situation, because children who can be a transmitter of coronavirus will go to their grandparents. Older people, on the contrary, are at risk.

The President also instructed the Prime Minister to set up production of respirators in Belarus within a week. In addition, he called for the mobilization of social services to help the elderly who do not have children. He also recommended Belarusian citizens to stay in self-isolation if possible.

In conclusion, Alexander Lukashenko mentioned that people need to go to a dry steam sauna more often to fight various viruses, as well as the possibility of washing their hands with vodka when there are not enough disinfectants.