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Mandatory mask regime has been introduced in Minsk!

From the 12th of November, 2020, a mandatory mask regime is introduced in Minsk for everyone. The reports about the details of the new regime and the current statistics of coronavirus diseases.

List of new rules in Minsk:

  • It is obligatory to wear a mask in public transport, metro, fixed-route taxis, taxis;
  • The rules of the mask mode apply not only to employees, but also to visitors to all public places in the capital without exception;
  • The managers of all public and private companies are required to implement the necessary sanitary measures (in particular, provide employees with personal protective equipment and sanitizers);
  • Mandatory presence of masks in educational institutions;
  • Shops and restaurants have the right to refuse service to customers without masks.

In the capital, control over observance of the mask regime has been increased. Violators will be fined.

The mask regime in Minsk will be on until the epidemiological situation in the country improves.

Previously, a mandatory mask regime was also introduced in Mogilev, Gomel region, Bobruisk, Osipovichi, Klichev, Krichev, Chaussky, Cherikovsky, Polotsk regions and Novopolotsk.

Nowadays, the daily increase in cases of coronavirus in Belarus is 1100 people.

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