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Mark Formelle

Mark Formelle will produce protective costumes for doctors

Mark Formelle has implemented 80% of the production force in the manufacture of protective suits, gloves and masks for doctors who work with patients with coronavirus, reports.

The management of the company reports that they decided to postpone the spring and summer collections, and help doctors working in direct contact with infected with COVID-19.

In just a week, technologists, designers and tailors mastered new material and products, as well as set up equipment. The team spent hours developing the design of costumes, testing materials, and sewing test samples. Mark Formelle specialists consulted with doctors to make the costume as efficient and convenient as possible. Now the production has already been established and the first costumes have been sewn.

The company will donate part of the manufactured costumes to infectious disease hospitals. Earlier Mark Formelle donated 20 thousand rubles to the Minsk infectious diseases hospital.

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