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Minsk City Executive Committee will help enterprises that sew masks

Minsk City Executive Committee offers its assistance to enterprises and individual entrepreneurs who are ready to start production of masks and other personal protective equipment as soon as possible, reports

Minsk City Executive Committee invites companies and individual entrepreneurs, who can assist in sewing, packing, or delivering masks and other personal protective equipment, to cooperate.

The city executive committee will help companies find materials for protective masks, as well as to find an agreement with retailers to supply products.

Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee on Economics Youri Troushchenko claims that this assistance will ease the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises and will facilitate entry into a new market.

For additional information contact Minsk City Executive Committee at tel.: 8 (017) 218-03-16, 8 (017) 218-02-62, 8 (017) 218-02-75, 8 (017) 218-03-13.

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