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Minsk Gets Into Top 5 Cities With Highest IT Salaries compared the salaries of middle developers in Moscow and other cities of the world. Minsk got in the top five of the best cities for developers, being in fifth place, reports

Knowing the taxes for each city, as well as the median salary and average cost of living, Habr compared how many goods and services can be bought in each city compared to Moscow.

The IT blog named it the index of availability of goods, services and rental housing, or in short – the asset index. If the city, for example, has 1.5 index, then a person can buy goods and services one and a half times more with the salary, prices and taxes available in the city.

«We are aware that the figures do not reveal the full depth of such a broad concept as ‘quality of life ‘, which includes: ecology, medical care, security, transport accessibility, a variety of urban environments, a variety of activities, travel.

Nevertheless, we have clearly and with concrete figures shown that, despite the fact that in many countries the salaries of developers seem very high compared to Russian ones, few people see that in these countries both taxes and the cost of living are much higher than at home.

As a result, it leads to equalization of life opportunities, and it is possible for a developer to live richer and more interesting in Moscow or St. Petersburg today than in Paris or Tel Aviv,» Habr concludes.