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thermal camera

Minsk Metro installed thermal cameras

Where are the thermal cameras installed at the moment and what is the principle of its operation, reports

As soon as people infected with coronavirus began to appear in Belarus, the government started taking all possible measures to identify cases. So, at the central subway stations and at the entrance to the train station, special cameras were installed that check the temperature of a person (thermal cameras).

Thermal cameras were invented in China long before the pandemic spread. However, with the spread of coronavirus, a more advanced model was developed, which is now used in many countries all over the world. Cameras vary depending on the distance required to measure temperature. First versions (which were installed in the Minsk Metro) could measure temperature at a distance of no more than two meters, while new models work at a distance of up to nine meters.

Thanks to thermal cameras in the subway it became possible to measure the temperature to a large flow of people, so that, if it is necessary, a medical examination and treatment can be provided in time.

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