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Minsk Mural Named The Best In The World For November 2019

Digital World by Belarusian street artist Mutus was named the best in the world for November 2019, according to the international street art community Street Art Cities.

The work is a part of the art triptych called Future on facades of three 12-storey buildings in Kammiennaja Horka district in Minsk. Two other murals are Freelance created by Artez from Serbia and Heroes of modern times by Spanish Slim. Voting took place after the Street Art Cities’s team pre-selected 16 murals from all around the world this November.

Digital World is about the interconnection of global communications, nature and human life. The mural shows a modern girl weaving a thread from a tangle of constellations resembling a network or blockchain.

This is a whole new reinterpretation of a Slavic myth about the goddess Mokosh, a symbol of wealth and abundance, whose image is associated with spinning and weaving, as well as destiny and crafts.

Street Art Cities community operates in 570 cities and 79 countries, it provides information about murals of over 24,300 authors. In Belarus, street art hunters counted over 600 amazing art pieces, reports.