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Minsk restaurants presented a menu for pets

7 Minsk restaurants and cafes have prepared a special menu for dogs who came together with their owners, reports

Every dog lover is familiar with those compassionate eyes of his pet, which begs for food. That was the reason for this initiative in Minsk. In many capital's cafes and restaurants, you can find the mark “pet-friendly”, which means that visitors can take their pets with them.

The menu for dogs appeared in the following cafes: Union Coffee, Balcon, SVOBODY. 4, ID bar, MICHEL cafe, Insomnia and Mockingbird. The menu in all restaurants is the same and consists of 6 options. Visitors will be able to order a treat for their pet for free, and there is also an opportunity for take-away. In addition, the pets will be given a free bowl of water.

This initiative became possible thanks to the service and the Dog & Cat grooming studio and stores.

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