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Minsk will cancel payment for travel by card in land transport

Next week, Minsktrans will cancel payment for travel by Bank cards in the capital's ground transport. The system of contactless fare payment in Minsk was tested on tram route 6, reports

Michael Slodinsky, Deputy chief engineer of "Minsktrans” explained, therefore, it was decided:

— The main reason lies in the unsatisfactory results of the financial statements concerning the confirmation of the number of passengers who used this service. For seven months of operation of the system, our company and the Bank did not agree on the numbers. The fact that the numbers don't add up is disturbing. After all, we are not talking about one or two passengers, but about tens and hundreds. This is money.

The system will not resume operation until there is a mechanism for monitoring these statistics, a conditional counter showing that we have so many passengers for whom we should get a certain amount. And in the current state of affairs, we may have questions from the inspection authorities.