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Часовая башня

Minsk will have its own "Big Ben"

An old clock tower was restored in Minsk near the Molodezhnaya metro station, reports. The tower is located in the cultural and business quarter "K-21".

Experts have tried to preserve the ancient spirit of the clock tower. In order to do this, they used post-war bricks, from which the building was originally made. The tower will be 22 meters high. This is the first experience of such restoration of abandoned architectural objects in Minsk.

The architects working on the restoration of the Kalvariyskaya Tower have tried to maintain a balance between a faithful recreation of the original tower and modern architectural concepts.

The complex itself, which is built in the same style, will be used for offices, concerts, festivals, designer showrooms and fast food corners. The tower itself will be set aside for dance studio classes.

The restoration of the tower began six months ago and is currently being completed.

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