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Montenegro postpones flights from Belarus

Montenegro again rescheduled the departure of charter planes from Belarus, reports The estimated date of the first flights is the 10th of July.

The epidemiological situation is gradually improving and countries are starting to open borders. Turkey, Belgium, Ukraine and other countries have already restored air communication with Belarus. However, Montenegro once again postpones the flight dates of Belarusian planes. The first flights to Montenegro were supposed to take place on the 16th of June, but due to the spread of coronavirus, the date has already been postponed twice - on the 1st of July and on the 10th of July.

Nowadays, 60 713 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Belarus, among them 42 689 people have recovered and returned to their homes. Over the entire period, 373 deaths were recorded. The daily growth of infected people varies around 300-400 new cases. On the 26th of June, there are 331 people with coronavirus were found in Belarus.

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