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More disinfection units will be installed at the Minsk National airport

There will be more disinfection units at the Minsk National airport. As a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus in public areas and office areas of the airport, 60 dispensers with disinfectant, as well as 25 sensor dispensers, are installed, according to

In the near future, there will be another 25 pieces. A reserve of personal protection and disinfection equipment has also been created. To disinfect the air in rooms with a large crowd of people, bactericidal ultraviolet air recirculators are installed. They are available in the union and international arrival sectors, in the transit zone, in the mother and child room, and in staff quarters.

More often, cleaning and disinfection of public and office premises, as well as apron buses that transport passengers from the terminal to the plane and back is carried out. To do this, the number of employees on work shifts has been increased, and they are equipped with personal protective equipment.