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National Football Stadium in Minsk

National football stadium will be built in Minsk

Soon, the construction of the National Football Stadium will begin in Minsk. How it will look and where it will be located, reports

The national football stadium will be located next to Vineeva Square on Partizansky Prospekt. Funds for the construction of a sports facility were allocated by China; after the completion of construction work, the stadium will be gifted to Belarus.

The stadium will be designed for 33,000 spectators, the total area of the facility will be 48,000 square meters. The size of the football field will be 105x68 meters. Spectator stands will be divided into two tiers; in addition there will be a VIP area.

The national football stadium will be built in accordance with the official requirements of FIFA. In order to keep the grass surface of the football field in proper form, a special system of automatic watering and heating is provided. For athletes there are locker rooms, warm-up rooms, as well as a doping control station.

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