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Near Nesvizh a historical relic was found

In a small village near Nesvizh, a historical stone was discovered with the inscription of the famous Belarusian-Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, reports

Adam Mickiewicz is a famous poet of the 19th century, having a Belarusian origin. Poems of Adam Mickiewicz knows every pupil in Belarus.

As it turned out, a stone with the inscription of the poet measuring 85x64 cm was walled up in the cellar in the village “Studenka”, near Nesvizh. The inscription on the stone reads: “Ewa raj utracila, Tys go i Mickiewicz”, in order to decipher the rest of the text, the help of specialists is required.

It is known that Adam Mickiewicz visited the village “Studenka” once, at that time there was a rich estate. Here, in the album of the mistress of the estate, the poet left this inscription. After that, a local master carved this inscription on a piece of stone, which perpetuated the poet’s arrival in the village.

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