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Часы Луч

New collection from «Luch» to Victory Day

Belarusian watch factory “Luch” has released a new collection dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory Day, reports The collection is limited, 200 models will be released.

The collection consists of three models with the images of military equipment of the 1940s. The design includes images of the T-34 tank, Studebaker US6 truck and the Supermarine Spitfire fighter.

The designers were inspired by the dashboard to control the military equipment. So, for example, the clock hands are similar to indicators of the equipment and glow in the dark, and the color of the numbers was chosen in accordance with the color scheme of military control devices. A separate second clock hand is made on the clock-face.

The strap is made of natural leather by hand. And on the back of the watch is indicated the serial number of the model. In set with the watch there is a description of the technique to which the watch model is dedicated, and elegant packaging.

The watch is waterproof.

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