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Protective masks

New COVID-19 Protective Equipment

Belarusian engineers have invented a new means of protection against COVID-19 - special shields which can be printed on a 3D printer, reports

The shields were invented in order to protect doctors working with patients infected with coronavirus. Using reusable shields makes other personal protective equipment work much more efficiently.

Over the next week, engineers of the Hackerspace company are planning to launch the production and create more than 1,500 shields. The advantage of such shields is that they are more reliable than protective masks. Moreover, they can also be used together with masks, which reduces the risk of getting coronavirus even more.

In order to satisfy all requests from hospitals, the Hackerspace company will share the model and materials with everyone who has 3D printers. The project was also supported financially by the Belarusian social fund “Dobra”.

At the moment, the shields are already being tested by doctors in the hospitals in Minsk.

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