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New public transport payment system

For the public transport, a new payment system for will appear, reports

Now residents of Minsk will be able to add money for the travel card for transport remotely. The balance on the contactless card from Minsktrans can be replenished through the ERIP payment system.

A remote payment system of the card is still under development. Minsktrans is going to provide people with the opportunity to quickly and easily, without any queues, replenish their accounts for using of the public transport. This form of payment is available for almost all kind of services: from telephone communications to educational courses.

In order to replenish the balance on a contactless card, the cardholder will need to register on the website, indicating all the necessary data. At the end of the registration, the user will receive a personal code to replenish the card through ERIP.

Then, the cardholder will need to activate it on a special device that will be installed in public transport.

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