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New railway between Lithuania and Belarus

The governments of Lithuania and Belarus are discussing the restoration of a railway between the countries, reports The railway will pass between the cities of Druskininkai and Grodno.

Lithuania introduced the issue of restoring the railway communication between Druskininkai and Grodno. The initiative for the construction of the railway was expressed by the Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania.

In addition to the fact that the restoration of the road has a number of economic advantages, countries also hope to increase the volume of tourists and freight traffic. Druskininkai is a resort town that will immediately become a place to attract tourists from the west of Belarus.

Moreover, an additional railway will remove the load and traffic from roads, which will lead to a reduction in environmental pollution and a positive impact on the environment as a whole. Also, the number of road accidents will decrease.

Previously, the project can be realised in 4 years.

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