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New season - Gastrofest.Craft

From the 17th of September till the 4th of October the next season of Gastrofest.Craft will take place in Minsk, reports. The cost of one set is 24 rubles.

This time, 20 cafes and restaurants take part in the gastronomic festival, including the Friends restaurant-brewery, the Myata Lounge Center, Middle Ground, the Rakovsky Brovar restaurant-brewery, the Publika restaurant, the Vinie Jones English pub, gastropub The United Pub, cafe "U Franciska", "DVOR 28/26", grill bar "Our beer" & "Drive BBQ", restaurant "101", karaoke bar Plan B, bar BackDoor, restaurant "Les", Chef Arts, Café Pinch, Clever Irish Pub, Pub 1067, Perfetto Restaurant, Tiflis Restaurant.

The theme of the festival this time is craft dishes for different types of beer.

If you pay by an Alfa Bank card, you will receive a coupon for a free dessert on your next visit.

You can support your favourite restaurant in the official Telegram channel of the festival by taking part in the vote.

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