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New site for the sale of art objects

An online platform for the sale of art objects without paying the cost to intermediaries was launched in Belarus, reports

The initiative to create a project in support of the artistic community of the Republic of Belarus was implemented by the online hypermarket, the XO-gallery and the ARTONIST cultural institution. The goal of the project is to popularize Belarusian art.

The new site was launched on the technical basis of the online hypermarket The section "Objects of Art" has appeared on the website of the online store. All works of art will be sold at very affordable prices (up to 2000 rubles). In addition, the organizers will carefully select artists who will be able to list their work for sale on the new online platform. Painting, graphics, photography, sculptures etc are accepted for consideration.

The art objects will be sold with a minimum mark-up, which will only cover taxes, since the initiators of the project are not going to profit from sales.

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