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нобелевская премия

Nobel week - 2020

Nobel Week starts on the 5th of October in Sweden and Norway, reports. At the end of the week, the 2020 Nobel Prize winners will be announced.

Traditionally, the Nobel Prize winners in medicine, chemistry, physics, literature and economics will be determined during the week.

October 5 - medicine;

October 6 - chemistry;

October 7 - physics;

October 8 - literature;

October 12 - economy.

Also on the 9th of October, a Nobel Peace laureate will be announced in Oslo. This year, 318 candidates, both individuals and organizations, are competing for the Nobel Peace Prize. The laureate of the Peace Prize will traditionally be awarded at an official ceremony in Oslo.

This year's Nobel Prize laureate will be awarded approximately $1.1 million.

Due to the prolonged epidemic, Sweden refused to host an offline awards ceremony in December. In Oslo, the awards ceremony will take place on the 10th of December, as planned.

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