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Novel by Belarusian writer will be published in Great Britain

The novel "Alindarka`s children" by Belarusian writer Algerd Bakharevich will be published in English in Great Britain, reports.

Scotland Street Press agreed to reprint the novel. The book will be translated by Jim Dingley and Petri Reid. However, the publisher decided to keep the original cover of the novel for the English version of the book. The cover was designed by the Belarusian artist Ekaterina Dubovik.

The novel itself was released in 2014 and has since won the Book of the Year award and the third Giedroyc Prize. The novel is based on the story of two Belarusian-speaking children who came in a concentration camp.

The official release of the novel in English is scheduled for September 30, 2020. A book review has already been published in The Scotsman.

In 2018, the book has already been published also in French by the Paris publishing house Le ver a soi.

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