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Charity concert

Online charity concert "Dobro"

On the 16th of April, an online charity concert will take place, where NaviBand, Litesound, Nuteki and many others will perform, reports The concert is organized with the support of the Dobro charity foundation.

The concert will be broadcast on the, as well as on social networks from 10.00 to 20.00.

The goal of the charity concert “Dobro” is to support medical staff who work in contact with people infected with coronavirus. The organizers hope to draw people's attention to current problems and, at the same time, give a few hours of pleasant music. The proceeds will be used to purchase personal protective equipment for doctors.

Within the framework of the online concert, NaviBand, Anya Sharkunova, VAL, Max Lawrence, Nuteki, UZARI, Litesound, Dima Kaminsky, HOMIE, ARSI, KeySi, Parade of Planets, Egor Kann, Mikita, SOBOL, Lima Osta, Kirill Good and other Belarusian groups will perform.

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