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Watch Docs

Online Documentary Film Festival in Belarus

The international documentary film festival WATCH DOCS Belarus has started, reports The festival runs until May 29, 2020.

10 documentaries from the film festival collection will be freely available. The collection includes both foreign and Belarusian documentaries revealing the stories of great personalities of various eras.

The most anticipated film is Chernobyl Stalkers. The film was released in April 2020. The director and producer of the film was Yara Lee. The film tells about the city of Pripyat, which, in connection with its sad history, has become a tourist attraction.

Also in the program of the film festival are such films as “Atomic Soldiers”, “Dungeon of hope”, “Gangway to the Future”, “Fall of Lenin” and others. In addition, 3 films of Belarusian directors will be presented.

Films will be available on the VOKA online platform and in the app.

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