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старый минск

Online game about the historical past of Belarus with Yandex-Alisa

Belarusian developers have presented a new thematic game about the history of Belarus, reports. The game was created on the basis of Yandex-Alisa.

The Belarusian company TeamTeam has developed a computer game based on history. The user gets acquainted with the biography of the legendary Chapsky, as well as the historical past of Minsk.

The game mechanism is very simple: Yandex-Alisa reads out to the player a certain fact about Chapsky and Minsk, and the user guesses what is true and what is false.

Anyone can become a participant if they have a Yandex-Alisa virtual assistant on their device. By leaving comments on the game, users will help train Alisa and improve the quality of the game.

The game is available to all users for free.

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