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Orange level of danger expected in Minsk

On February 9, on Tuesday, an orange level of danger is expected in Minsk due to heavy snow and wind, reports. How to prepare for severe winter?

Forecasters predict heavy snow will fall throughout the day. Blizzards and snow drifts are expected in most regions of the country. In the evening gusty winds will also increase - 15-20 m / s.

This weather will last all week. It's only Wednesday that we get a little respite from the harsh weather.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations recommends to everyone:

• limit travel by private car;

• do not park cars near trees;

• close windows, doors and ventilation openings;

• remove things from the balconies that can be carried away by the wind;

• refrain from long trips.

Also, the Ministry of Emergency Situations asks, if possible, do not go out into the street in a blizzard.

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