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Outdoor sports workshops in the city center

On July 28, in the center of the city in the "Pesochnitsa" space, a rooftop sports master class will be held, reports The entrance is free for everyone!

Now, on the roof of the “Pesochnitsa” food space, not only music concerts and performances by artists are held, but also fitness classes. On July 28, everyone will be able to attend a stretching lesson with Ksenia Androsova. In the framework of the lesson, the trainer will demonstrate how to perform exercises for the development of body plasticity and flexibility. The trainer will be on the roof so that all visitors to the space can see the exercises. You can be located throughout the "Pesochnitsa" in order to maintain the necessary social distance with other visitors.

The lesson will run from 20.30 to 21.00.

The stretching master class will be free.

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