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Plan to switch to eco-packaging was approved in Belarus

The action plan for the gradual reduction of the use of polymer packaging with its replacement with an environmentally safe one was approved by the Council of Ministers resolution No. 7 of January 13, 2020, reports

The plan provides that during mass events, separate waste collection will be organized, and in 2020-2021, a Deposit (collateral) system for handling consumer packaging will be introduced. It is planned to increase the production of environmentally safe (including paper, glass, biodegradable) packaging.

In addition, it will be necessary to consider economic incentives for switching to eco-packaging. In 2021, the government needs to submit a draft resolution that provides for a phased restriction of the maximum capacity of polymer containers used for bottling beer and low-alcohol beverages to 1 liter inclusive.

In the field of scientific research, it is planned to implement an action plan for the creation of technology and production of biodegradable packaging from plant raw materials.