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Poland Visa Application Center will start accepting visa documents

On the 11th of May, the Poland Visa application centre will resume its work, reports However, Poland has submitted a list of people who will be able to obtain a visa in the near future.

The Poland Visa application centre will start to accept visa applications again. However, before applying, you should familiarize yourself with the restrictions imposed by Poland.

So, from the 11th of May, the following persons will be able to get a visa:

People who work in Poland and, at the same time, have a valid work permit. If there is no permission, you can submit a certificate stating that you applied in the register of seasonal work in Poland.

People who have a Polish card.

Drivers who carry out international transportations.

In order to apply for a visa, you should contact one of the visa centers by e-mail to agree on the date of application of your documents. You can find email addresses on the website of the Poland Visa application center.

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