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Post-Election Victims Received More Than $ 1.1 Million

The BY_help charitable initiative was created this year to support Belarusians who have suffered during their participation in peaceful protests. Since the day of the presidential elections in Belarus, the fund has paid out more than $ 1.1 million to victims of violence, reports.

Nowadays, more than 2.2 thousand people, who have submitted applications on the official website of the foundation, have received financial assistance. Funds were given to cover the costs of fines for participation in rallies, medical care, the services of lawyers.

Now in the base of the charitable foundation there are about 7000 applications from victims of participation in the protests. About 10% of applications were redirected to partnership initiatives. At the moment, about 30% of the total amount collected by Belarusians in the summer in support of the victims of rallies and protests, as well as people who were deprived of work for political reasons, have been paid.

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