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Preliminary election results

In the morning of August 10, the preliminary results of the Presidential election of the Republic of Belarus 2020 were published, reports Alexander Lukashenko won the election.

According to estimates, Alexander Lukashenko (the current President of Belarus) has won 80.23%, while his main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has collected 9.9%.

According to preliminary calculations, the balance of power between the candidates is as follows:

Dmitriev – 1.04% (60,543 people)

Kanopatskaya –  1.68% (97 926 people)

Lukashenko – 80, 23% (4 million 652 thousand people)

Tikhanovskaya – 9.9% (574 thousand 312 people)

Chechernya – 1.1% (65,784 people)

Against all – 6.02%.

On the night of August 9-10, the Central Election Commission was evacuated from the government building. That is why the election results were not released at night.

In total, 7 million 789 thousand people took part in the elections, which is 84.23% of all voters.

The CEC did not note any violations for declaring the elections invalid.

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