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Белорусская железная дорога

Preventive measures on the Belarusian railway

Belarusian Railway introduces the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, reports A new passenger seating scheme will be organized in the cars in order to ensure the safety of people in trains.

The purpose of the measures is to provide passengers with the necessary social distance in the cars. Belarusian railway reports that the new seating plan is going to be a temporary measure until the epidemiological situation in the country changes.

According to the new rules, it is allowed to place no more than 2 passengers in a compartment and no more than 3 passengers on the open seats. In addition, passengers should sit in the cars as far as possible from each other.

The new rules will be valid from the 15th to 29th of April, 2020. However, the passengers who bought the tickets before the introduction of the new seating scheme can occupy seats in cars, according to their tickets.

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