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Новая боровая

QR codes with podcasts at Minsk bus stops

In Minsk, in the Novaya Borovaya area bus stops with QR codes for podcasts are installed, reports The quarter is being built by A-100 Development.

The developer has created a series of audio podcasts about the heroes of aviation, the streets of the Novaya Borovaya district are named in their honour. Each QR code opens a link to a podcast, which you can listen to for free.

In total, the series includes 7 podcasts about various personalities who have contributed to the development of aviation. In particular, one of the podcasts is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci - the inventor of the first aircraft, as well as the Wright brothers, who created the world's first plane.

Podcasts are available in two languages: Russian and Belarusian. In addition, part of the audio information is duplicated in the form of text for easier perception. The duration of a podcast varies from 5 to 10 minutes.

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