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Smart basket

“Smart” basket was launched in Belarus

InfoPrice, a Belarusian online service, has developed a “smart” basket function, reports

Thanks to the InfoPrice service, customers can now calculate in advance the total cost of the products, as well as compare prices among several retailers.

In order to check the cost of the products, you should enter the name of the product in the search engine, indicate the quantity you need and add it to the basket. After that, the service will automatically calculate the cost of the products and select the optimal retail network according to the price.

The service allows you to calculate the difference between checks in various retailers in rubles and percent, and also highlights the best offers for each product in the basket. The service analyzes prices in Evroopt, Sosedi, Corona, Vitalyur, Gippo, Green, as well as in the HITdostavka online hypermarket.

The “smart” basket function is available in the application and on the website of InfoPrice absolutely for free. At the moment, the function works only in Minsk shops.

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