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высокие технологии

Smart construction printer, biometric metro card and business messenger: what do HTP residents do?

Recently, another 65 companies have become residents of the High-Tech Park, reports Most of the new residents are startups registered in 2020-2021.

Among the new HTP residents are companies operating in the fields of medicine, fintech, e-commerce, gaming, transport, industry and agriculture.

The Integration Distribution Projects company develops software and biometric terminals for payment of fares in the Minsk metro.

Badrobot develops smart construction printer, embedded software and CAD / CAM applications for them.

 AMIS-IT develops custom software for business in the areas of: industrial safety, ecology, renewable energy sources, medicine, power engineering, transport, oil and gas industry.

DLT Text provides support for iText products, including a cross-platform library and a program for creating and editing PDF documents.

Companies with foreign capital have also joined the HTP, including 2 development centers for foreign corporations: Altoros Bel and Deriv BYE.

Today, the High-Tech Park has a total of 1021 residents.

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