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Smart tickets are in Mogilev now

Citizens of the regional center can buy and check a ticket for transports using a QR code, reports

Since March 17, you can pay for public transport using the «Оплати™» mobile app (app for payments) and a QR code. This operation takes only a few seconds. Mogilev became the fourth city in the country with this feature.

Usual paper tickets are slowly staying in the past, because they are replaced by smart tickets that are directly in your phone. They contain all the necessary information: the ticket and transport number, date and time of purchase, and the cost of the travel card.

This technology is already available in some other cities of Belarus, and its practice shows that those who used the opportunity to buy a ticket through a QR code just once, simply forget about other payment methods.

You only need a sticker with a QR code in the transport and a phone with an app to buy a ticket.

Any citizen of Belarus can use «Оплати™» mobile payment service. After installing the app on your phone, you need to point the camera at the sticker with a QR code, which is placed in the bus cabin.

This technology for selling and checking tickets in electronic form soon will appear in Brest, Grodno, Pinsk, and Molodechno.