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Tax Free

Tax Free is back

From 26th of May, it will be possible to get money from Tax Free checks in Belarus again, reports Customer service is provided by Technobank.

Due to the positive changes in the isolation regime in many countries, as well as opening of some borders, Global Blue company has decided to resume tax free payments. European Union countries are opening borders within the Schengen area and may soon begin to open external borders.

Earlier on 26th of March, Global Blue cancelled Tax Free payments in Belarus due to the epidemiological situation in the European Union. Checks that expired before payment in connection with the coronavirus can be sent to Global Blue company by filling out a special form and indicating the bank card number. Funds will be transferred by the company to this bank account.

Tax Free is a check for the return of money paid for VAT. VAT in various countries varies from 3 to 19% of the purchase price.

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