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1 Мая в Беларуси

The 1st of May will be held without rallies

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus decided to cancel rallies and demonstrations in honour of the 1st of May this year in connection with the spread of coronavirus, reports

The 1st of May in Belarus is the official Labour Day. Traditionally, rallies and demonstrations are held throughout Belarus on this day. However, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the Federation of Trade Unions in Belarus decided to cancel the rallies and processions in order to prevent a large crowd of people in one place.

All mass events, from sports games to exhibitions, have been cancelled in the whole country a few weeks ago. In addition, the World Health Organization recommended postponing all activities until the situation in the country improves. These measures are taken to provide the necessary social distance.

Earlier, the rallies were already cancelled in Belarus, when on the 1st of May there were two holidays at once: Easter and the Labour Day.

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