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The ambassador of Slovakia in Belarus left the post due to the participation in the parade on the 9th of May

The ambassador of Slovakia in the Republic of Belarus, Jozef Migas, left his post after participating in the parade in Minsk, reports

On the eve of the 9th of May, the Government of the European Union sent an order to all ambassadors of the EU countries to refrain from attending the parade in honour of World War II in Minsk. However, not all countries followed the order, the ambassadors of Hungary and Slovakia in the Republic of Belarus in violation of the order of the EU Government took part in the parade.

In response to the question from the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the reasons why the ambassador did not announce his intention to take part in the parade, Jozef Migas said that he will resign. According to the ambassador, the participation in the parade was his strong position.

However, all other countries, when they received an invitation to the parade, rejected it and refrained from attending the event on the 9th of May.

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