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The App where you can get rid of unnecessary things

You may have heard about the Belarusian community "Give for nothing" in social networks. In them, people give things for free - from clothes to household appliances. Not so long ago, the project "Give for nothing" has found a new life - its creators have launched a mobile app. According to, Silicon Valley is interested in this startup. 
The app is free. There is such a thing as "karma" in it, thanks to which everyone can take as many things as he gives. 
Each new user receives three "karma" and can immediately pick up something. But it is recommended to immediately give things yourself to have more features in the app. 
To give the thing, the user adds lots in a couple of clicks, sets the deadline-from one hour to four days - and just waits. Other participants from this city see the thing in the tape and offer "karma" for it by pressing the "Pick up lot" button. 
The first one offers 1 “karma", and each subsequent one offers one more "karma". Who will offer the most number of "karma" for time timer, and receives the right take from thing. Only he can write to the owner.