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The belarusian became a finalist in the most prestigious photo contest in the world

The belarusian photographer Tatyana Tkacheva became a finalist in the World Press Photo contest, the most prestigious in the world. She was nominated for a portrait of the series "Between right and shame", reports

Tatyana Tkacheva's project is dedicated to abortion. In its framework, Belarusian women who have had an abortion tell their stories. They had a number of problems - from living in a polluted area after the Chernobyl disaster to fear of poverty, unwillingness to be a single parent, or sexual violence. They made their decisions with difficulty and did not want to show their faces. Their names were changed for the project.

Tatyana Tkacheva was born in the town of Krasnopolye, Mogilev region. She graduated from the Belarusian state University of culture and arts with a degree in cultural studies. In the photo  sphere she is since 2015. Now she works for the “Zvyazda” newspaper.