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The Belarusian won 1 million euros for the second time at an international poker tournament

Belarusian poker player Nikolay Pobal became the second two-time champion of the European poker tournament in the history. This time it was held in Prague. The winner received a prize of 1 million euros, reports 

The tournament was held from 11 to 17 December. 1154 applications were registered for participation in it. Each of the players put 5,3 thousand euros into the General Bank of the tournament. In total, the prize Fund of the games amounted to almost 5.597 million euros.

Nikolai Pobal reached the final together with the player from Hungary Norbert Sechi, they had almost the same number of chips. The Belarusian defeated his opponent quite quickly, in just a few hands.

For winning the tournament, the player received a prize of 1,005,600 euros. The participant who took the second position took away a smaller amount-598 880 euros.

However, this is not the first significant victory of Nikolay. In 2012, he won the EPT Main Event in Barcelona and received the same amount as now — 1 million euros. At that time, he was still a student at the Belarusian state University of Economics, majoring in international Economics.