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The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

The changes in the schedule of The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus announced that two main festivals scheduled for June 2020 will be cancelled due to the coronavirus, reports

The annual summer festivals “Ballet Summer at the Bolshoi”, which is traditionally held in the The Bolshoi Theatre, and “Evenings at the Radziwill Castles” in Nesvizh, were cancelled due to the growth of coronavirus diseases in the country. The organizers of the festivals understand that in the curent circumstances it will be unsafe for the audience to hold such events. In addition, due to the closure of borders around the world, foreign artists who were supposed to perform at festivals will not be able to come to Belarus.

Earlier, the Bolshoi Theatre cancelled all shows in May and left only concerts. However, viewers can enjoy the broadcasts of old shows of the Bolshoi Theatre on the Internet societies of the Belteleradiofond.

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