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The embassy of Japan will continue implementation of “Grass Roots” projects in Belarus

The program has been implemented in Belarus since 2004. It provides assistance to people affected by the Chernobyl accident. Most of the projects were implemented in the field of medicine. Today at the solemn ceremony a special minibus was given to the territorial center of social services of the population of Vitebsk . This region is home to over 1,600 people with disabilities (109 of them are children). The car is equipped with a lift for wheelchair users and passenger seats with a convenient location for the transportation of people with disabilities. People will be able to get not only to the clinic, but also to cultural events in the city, reports. 
The grass Roots program provides assistance for human security projects. Until this year, under this program, funds were allocated only to health care institutions, but this time, in addition to them, grants were also received by an educational institution, a social institution. To date, more than 40 grant contracts have already been implemented- more than 200 healthcare institutions in all regions of Belarus have received the necessary medical equipment