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The European Parliament do not recognize the results of the elections in Belarus

The European Parliament has announced that it does not recognize the results of the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus, reports In addition, Alexander Lukashenko was declared persona non grata on the territory of the European Union.

In its statement, the European Parliament has announced that it supports the Belarusian people and agrees with the demand to hold another fair presidential elections in Belarus. Also, the European Parliament called on the current Belarusian authorities to stop torture and violence against detainees during peaceful protests and to conduct a thorough investigation of all violations of human rights and freedoms. According to the European Parliament, the Belarusian authorities should immediately release all political prisoners.

In addition, the European Parliament draws attention to the fact that the authorities violate the rights of journalists and media by putting pressure on them and turning off the Internet. It should be reminded that the Internet was disconnected throughout Belarus within 3 days after the elections.

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