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The exhibition of an Italian artist in Minsk

From the 11th of September till the 11th of October, an exhibition of the Italian artist Mimo de Felice "Alberobello" will be held at the National Center for Contemporary Arts, reports. The ticket price is 5 rubles.

The exhibition will be held in honour of the seventieth birthday of the Italian artist. All paintings by Mimo de Felice are dedicated to the city of Alberobello in southern Italy and its inhabitants. The artist doesn't even sell paintings outside of this city.

Mimo de Felice depicts in his paintings the routine of life in an almost surreal place, densely packed with white conical-roofed buildings that have been here for centuries, although built on purpose to be demolished.

The exhibition will take place at the National Center for Contemporary Arts.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00. Monday and Tuesday are days off.

The cost of one ticket is 5 rubles.

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